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In reality, there is not one instance in which we can point to a C-14 sample and declare with certainty that EVEN ONE of those assumptions applies to it. (3) LOSS OF CARBON 14—Rainfall, lakes, oceans, and below-ground moisture will cause a loss of Carbon 14, and thus ruin its radiation clock.

From the beginning—and consistently thereafter—he and his associates proceeded on the assumption that (1) the way everything is now, so it always has been, and (2) no contaminating factor has previously disturbed any object tested with radiodating techniques. As mentioned earlier, every living thing is full of carbon compounds, and includes some carbon 14.1630; University of California at Los Angeles, “On the Accuracy of Radiocarbon Dates,”in Geochronicle, 2, 1966 [Libby’s own laboratory]). This method of dating is called carbon-14 dating, C-14 dating, or radiocarbon dating.Within about 12 minutes after being struck by cosmic rays in the upper atmosphere, the carbon 14 combines with oxygen, to become carbon dioxide that has carbon 14 in it.Willard Libby and his associates discovered carbon 14 (C 14) as a method for the dating of earlier organic materials.But later research revealed that its inaccuracy increases in accordance with the actual age of the material (*C. Reed,“Animal Domestication in the Prehistoric Near East,” in Science, 130, 1959, p.

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