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The two delved into Sammie and investigated her background, uncovering the connection to von Bleicken and meeting with the reality star, and set up a meeting between Thoms and Sammie.In the clip below, the "I think it was done with no real long-term goal or purpose, but mostly out of a place of she's very lonely so she chose to reach out and connect with celebrities because she always felt that was a safe place to get attention that felt more meaningful than regular everyday attention," Schulman said. "Don't worry tweeps…I'm fully aware that the vast majority of you guys wouldn't ever do anything like this. But the angle the photographer shot it from looks like we’re kissing each other on the lips".Tracie though clearly denied the rumors of being gay, many websites still doubts about her sexual orientation.

Tracie is a talented singer and occasionally lends her voice to the soundtrack of movies. Thoms, a VP of Programming at The Public Broadcasting Service( PBS) and mother is Mariana Davis, a television director. Rosario made her acting debut appearing in the American children’s television series . She is the daughter of Isabel Celeste(mother) and Patrick C. Isabel gave birth to Rosario when she was 16 years old, but she never married Rosario’s biological father, Patrick C. She later pursued to learn acting so went to The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in West Hollywood, California.However, the pay differs substantially depending on the popularity of an actor, role and the budget of the movie.Tracie though earns fame and fortune from movies and TV, but her first love is Theatre.

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