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The musician has two siblings whose names are Carlo Erna and Maria Erna.While the former is his brother, the latter is his older sister.Ten Years of Godsmack (2007), The Oracle (2010), Live and Inspired (2012), 1000hp (2014), and When Legends Rise (2018).Despite his busy schedule and heavy touring, the singer also finds time to record his personal tracks and albums.

His most recent work is Together with his bandmates, Sully Erna has produced the following musical records Godsmack (1998), Awake (2000), Faceless (2003), The Other Side (2004), IV (2006), Good Times, Bad Times…

Yes they have a child together but arent together ANYMORE!

Go to his myspace profile and it says he is in a relationship. Rumor was he was dating/engaged to a woman named Jo Jo and a wedding date was set by her but no follow through?

Sully Erna and Jennifer Cabezon have been broken up since 2006.

Go to his myspace profile and it says he is in a relationship. He tried to sully her reputation, but he could not find any scandal in her past.

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Erna developed a penchant for music at the age of three when he started showing interest in drums.

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