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The romance developed, and Lee was Olivia's boyfriend and manager for much of the rest of the decade.Just before she moved to the United States to build on her burgeoning success there, Olivia represented the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974.This time Olivia was up against strong competition - 1974 was the year that ABBA stole the show with a barnstorming performance of their song "Waterloo", which launched their international career. America beckoned and Olivia left England in 1975 to a rapturous welcome for her next album "Have You Never Been Mellow".The title song charted at #1 and her next single from the album, Please Mr Please, reached #3.Olivia reached a turning point in her career with the release of Let Me Be There which charted at #6 in America.No longer engaged to Bruce Welch, John Farrar, another member of the Shadows, took up songwriting and arrangement for her and this was a successful team which was soon to take the United States by storm.

Her first introduction to making records was a one-off single deal with Decca Records.

John Farrar had known Olivia from the early days and he later married Pat Carroll, Olivia's erstwhile singing partner and future business partner.

While holidaying in 1974 in the South of France, Olivia met Lee Kramer, who had a successful business import/export business.

Despite the academic background, early on Olivia showed an interest in singing, forming a band called the Sol Four with some schoolfriends, and later on singing at her brother in law's coffee bar in Australia.

She appeared in several Australian TV shows such as The Go Show as a teenager also starred in a movie Funny Things Happen Down Under which was forgettable apart from some early promise shown in Olivia's delightful rendition of "Christmas Down Under".

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The single, Till You Say You'll Be Mine/For Ever, is extremely rare though these two songs were available (Oct 1994) on the British compilation CD Pop Inside the 60's.

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