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Google(); req('single_work'); $('.js-splash-single-step-signup-download-button').one('click', function(e){ req_and_ready('single_work', function() ); new c. from Saturday, December 3 to Sunday, December 11 TO GET A CALENDAR LISTING: To have your meeting or event considered for the Community Calendar, please mail, fax, or drop off details to: SGN, Attn: Community Calendar, 1707 23rd Ave., Seattle, WA 98122. See Jean's List webpage org/activism/calendar/for Marla Nonken's disabilities accommodations lists. GLBT running & walking club sponsors weekly runs, monthly potlucks, track & field activity, annual Run With Pride. However, when his job comes under threat, he suddenly realises that relationships – friendships – are actually more important than work and money and figures out a quick way of building friendships.At the end of the story, if we return to his work-life balance, work will have decreased in importance to him while friendship and responsibility for his own future will have increased. 1-13 may well be the parable that it is most difficult to understand. Jesus goes on to say that we should use our money to make friends and that this will help us to be welcomed into eternity.The story and the teaching based on it seem contradictory and it doesn’t seem to fit with other things that Jesus said and taught. That seems almost the reverse of his saying store up treasures in heaven rather than treasures on earth. For more information visit email [email protected] Ball! Celebrate 40 years of Ingersoll Center with live performances, showcased local artists, food, beer & wine. Bertha Knight Landes Room, Seattle City Hall, 5th Ave & Cherry St. Contact Border Riders for details and rendezvous point. BRMC provides a social & educational fraternity for individuals interested in rec-reational motorcycle touring.

NOTE: Phone numbers accompanying listings are within area code (206) & locations of meetings/events are in Seattle unless otherwise noted.

Not following the example of the manager in using dishonesty to build relationships but following his example of learning to prioritise relationships in life and in work.

The Relationships Foundation sounds like it is likely to be a dating agency but is actually an organisation founded and run by Christians that believes that a good society is built on good relationships, from family and community to public service and business.

Aging Lesbians in South Seattle (ALISS) presents a women's dance & potluck.

Northwest Bears Potluck and Meet & Greet Beer Bust.

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And we can see that change most clearly if we think about the manager’s work-life balance.

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