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This resulted in their missing the clue in the encounter and they ended up having to wait for the next tour, allowing the two teams that had been behind them at that point to pass them up and getting them out of the race in 8th place. Although they were fan favorites from the start, being the one team that could arguably put the prize money to its best use, they never placed above seventh and fell way behind in Leg 2, barely scraping ahead of the cousins.Alas, due to the lack of an equalizer in the third leg, their late check-in resulted in their never seeing another team and they were eliminated from the race in 9th place.They struggled on the first leg when they decided to go for a weather-dependent Fast Forward, but still survived to place ninth.From then on, they never fell below third place and went on to win a total of seven legs while setting a franchise record of 5 wins in a row.Indeed, on three separate occasions, they were running in first only to suffer a setback that dropped them a few placements.On Leg 11, they were in a 3 way tie for first, only for Krista to struggle so badly on the swimming Roadblock, putting them behind Justin & Diana.

Despite their consistently low placements and underdog status, they still got a very positive edit showing their determination and strength.

However this momentum would not carry them in the finale as they would make a critical mistake in allowing their cab to leave them at the Fireman Training roadblock.

The time it took to grab another cab was enough for Kelsey and Joey to just finish ahead of them, leaving them in 2nd place. Notable for their bickering, they ran at the back of the pack for most of the race, getting their first placement above fourth in Leg 9.

Apparently the producers were obviously taking notes regarding the difficulty of previous seasons and the ever-increasing presence of savvy teams and decided to hit them with even more challenges.

Other changes included a leg with 2 Roadblocks and a Detour, 3 separate legs with U-Turns, a speed bump that required both team members to finish a Roadblock, and a finale which included not one, but three separate memory challenges.

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