Who is graham colton dating

One is singer-songwriter-producer David Hodges (former member of evanescence).

They dated for 3 months during the summer/early fall 2004, he was cheating on her the whole time with her ex-girlfriend.

Colton, playing for the Oakland Raiders at the time, first met Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman after asking her out on a double-date in a video.

Raisman took him up on the offer, reportedly telling Yahoo Sports that, “Yeah, I would go on a date with him.” The pair dated for six months, separating in June 2017, citing media pressure and distance as break-up factors.

Her third boyfriend was David Hodges (former member of Evanescene) who co-wrote and produced "Because of You" and "Addicted"on her Breakaway album.

They dated for three months when David dumped her and got engaged to his ex-girlfriend on the very same day. ORIGINAL: John Cena is currently engaged to someone else. Kelly Kelly is no longer dating Andrew "Test" Martin, due to his death.

Then he dumped kelly and got engaged to his ex on the very same day. I don't know who the American Idol "whiners" were, but i know that the American Idol winners were Kelly Clarson, Ruban Studdard, Fantasia, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Hicks, Jordin Sparks, and David Cook. In 2007 she told a magazine she had only kissed 5 guys (like a real passionate type kiss).

He dated Clarkson in 2006, but their short-lived fling only lasted 6 months.Let’s find out together to see if I have what it takes to be bachelorette material, or will I accidentally forget everyone’s name and @chrisbharrison sends me home?Tune in next Monday, May 28 at 8/7c on @abcnetwork to find out A post shared by Becca Kufrin (@bkoof) on Colton and Becca never technically dated, you know how the show loves to skip that step and go straight to being engaged.Kelly Kelly is currently dating Andrew Martin [who was formely Test in the WWE]. (Age: 33) Therefore Cena and Kelly Kelly are not married, and I dont even think that they even dated. After seven years of marriage, curvy model and body image activist Ashley Graham and Justin Ervin are still prone to making out like a couple of teenagers.

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