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Luke posted another picture a week ago from WWE's Performance Centre.

In this picture, we can see Luke topless with 6 pack abs.

Apart from that, he has a good relationship with his parents, especially his dad, Brock.

He might be on a relationship but he has deactivated his Instagram account recently after he started receiving attention.

" The post is super touching and we surely hope this handsome young lad is going to be even bigger than his father is.

Brock who still has a legit career in WWE and was a huge UFC superstar is one of the most entertaining WWE wrestlers on the planet.

He also has a twin sister Maya Lynn and two half-siblings, Turk Lesner and Duke Lesner from his father is currently in a relationship with Reno Mero.

Besides, Luke is currently a high school student but we don't know the exact details regarding his educational background.

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The 32-year-old from Limerick pinned Ronda Rousey to defeat the UFC legend and Charlotte Flair in the first female ‘Mania main event to claim both the Raw and Smack Down belts.

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