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The Cullen crest seen in the movies consists of a hand (signifying a pledge of faith) over a lion (courage) set above a chevron (another word for banner, it signifies protection) with three shamrocks (perpetuity).(played by Peter Facinelli in the movies)Carlisle was born in the 1640s to a father who was a religous zealot charged with hunting down evil creatures like werewolves and vampires who usually turned out to be humans.

Upon taking up his father's cause, Carlisle was attacked by a vampire and left to die.

But the child died and Esme threw herself from a cliff and was taken, still barely alive, to the morgue.She was changed by an unknown vampire in 1920 to save her from the tracker vampire James.She awoke with no memory of her previous life, but with a vision of a happy life with her future mate, Jasper, and the rest of the Cullens.(played by Jackson Rathbone in the movies)Jasper Whitlock was born in 1843, and at 20 was rising through the ranks as a Confederate soldier when he was turned by a vampire named Maria.He initially had trouble sticking to animal blood, but soon learned to restrain himself.(played by Ashley Greene in the movies)Mary Alice Brandon was born around 1901 in Biloxi, Mississippi.Even as a human she had premonitions, an ability that would manifest itself in much stronger was after she was turned into a vampire.

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From almost the time she is born, Renesmee is able to communicate her thoughts to Edward.

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