When did joe jonas and taylor swift start dating

Swift took a rather lengthy period off dating after breaking up with Harry (the 1D star). Taylor kicked thing off again with Scottish DJ Calvin Harris.

Rumours about their relationship began when the pair were spotted holding hands at Haim concert in West Hollywood and later in the Kenny Chesney concert in Nashville.

The pair had made some public appearances together and their music fan bases were supporting the relationship fully.

The two love birds blamed their break up to the scrutiny they got in their relationship as well as the media attention that was intense.

While the pair have yet to make any official appearances together, she seems to allude to their romance, more specifically when she fell head over heels for the British actor, in her new song "Gorgeous." Not only does she talk about getting lost in his ocean-blue eyes and making fun of his British accent, but she also talks about having a boyfriend when they first met.Which begs the question: is the now-ex-boyfriend she references in the song Tom Hiddleston or Calvin Harris?Well, to figure that out, we'd have to go back to the moment Taylor and Joe first met. So just how did the two lovebirds first come into contact? While news of their relationship first broke in May, they had reportedly already known each other for a year.This has led most people asking hard questions about her dating life and the core question remains; Is Taylor Swift married?Read her dating story below to get more insight about her current relationship status: Joe Jonas was Taylor’s first A-list boyfriend and this couple started dating when they were budding stars.

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Seeing that Taylor split from Calvin in June 2016, it's safe to assume the boyfriend "in the club doing I don't know what" who she references in the song is actually the Scottish DJ, not Tom.

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