Were brad pitt and jennifer aniston dating during friends

They reportedly met up at Sony Studios to discuss their movie projects.After that meeting, they allegedly went on their second date by having dinner at a restaurant in Malibu.It's been more than a decade since the breakup of Jennifer Aniston's marriage to Brad Pitt.Though both actors eventually moved on to relationships with other people, the public remains fixated on figuring out what went wrong for the one-time "it couple." Although observers are often willing to place the majority of the blame on interference by Angelina Jolie, it turns out there are multiple reasons as to why Aniston and Pitt called it quits.It was an abstract desire for him, whereas for Jen it was much more immediate." Unfortunately, thanks to Brad Pitt spending so much time with then new flame Angelina Jolie and her adopted children, the public and media opted to believe the opposite.Headlines of the time declared that Pitt dumped Aniston because she selfishly put her acting career ahead of his desire to start a family.So, they were taking it very slow, but they both liked where they were headed.Despite Pitt and Aniston’s reps denying the rumors that they got back, the speculations about the exes rekindling their romance continues. Magazine that things have been getting serious between the two.

In Pitt's own words, he "got burnt out and felt that [he] was wasting [his] opportunity." We can only assume he meant he was "wasting his life" in an unhappy marriage instead of being honest about his own feelings.

The need to live up to the high standards of millions of total strangers could have proven too much in the end. That meant that it was very hard for them to be together whenever they wanted.

Aniston admitted there were times she really wanted Pitt to be there for her, but he couldn't be due to a busy schedule. Although they made an appearance together at the 2004 Primetime Emmy Awards, leading the public to believe everything was just fine — despite their conflicting schedules — the two would announce to the world that their marriage was over just a few short months later.

' — those are the most important, transformative moments," said Aniston. We believe in different things, I guess." revealed that Jen Aniston had hoped to be pregnant during the same window of time she found herself divorcing Brad Pitt.

According to an unnamed mutual friend of the ex-lovers, "When Brad and Jen were in the marriage, having a baby was not his priority — ever.

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