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Maine has the third highest amount of regular marijuana users in the US (over 10.2 percent of residents), and its Google searches come in fourth place.Its marijuana is the 17th cheapest in the country, but that apparently works just fine for that creepy guy who cranks out bestsellers every other month, aka Stephen King.6.If you're a pothead looking to relocate, the best places to continue your favorite pastime may surprise you.Estately determined which states possess the most enthusiasm toward marijuana based on each state's marijuana laws, amount of regular users and the level of interest its citizens publicly expressed for sweet Jane.

But still, you have to wonder if these people even know they live in what may be the source of the best weed on the planet? Vermont Vermont senator and Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders claims to have only smoked pot a few times in college, but Vermont has the second highest amount of regular users in the country -- an incredible 10.69 percent of local residents.The blog gave each state a score from 1 to 100 for the following five criteria:1.The percentage of residents who reported smoking at least once in the last month, based on information provided by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.2.Michigan Michigan has the 10th highest amount of marijuana users (7.95 percent of residents) but the third most Google searches.Its marijuana is the ninth cheapest, while publicly expressed interest is sixth in the nation.7.

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