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If you are looking at the jersey it is on the upper right hand side, if you are wearing the jersey it will be on the upper left hand side.

This is true for every NHL team with the exception of the Detroit Red Wings, where the "C" is in the upper left hand side if you are looking at it, and the upper right hand side if you are wearing it.

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"No many people may think having a monkey in any state would be illegal without any identification of animal sort.

I have three capuchin monkeys and live in new jersey many species are illegal if endangered or large like gorillas or orangatangs.

Also, if a person in NJ commits a crime wearing a bulletproof vest, they can be charged for this as a separate crime.

I actually once was guilty of wearing my Islanders Campoli jersey to a wake.

My girlfriend at the time didn't tell me we were going, Islanders were playing the Rangers that day. I'd avoid wearing controversial jerseys after incidents.

It's old and I'm a broke college student who got it years ago.

I wore it to the Winter Classic and got harassed until the drunk guys near me actually realized I love the game, then it was alright.

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So no it is not illegal to have moneys in new jersey." wrong, its outright banned in NJ unless you have special permits, but these are not pet permits.

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