Validating computer attitude questionnaire

One of the important findings of their study was that PBL was more effective in changing students’ attitude toward engineering rather than mathematics.This reveals that students who participate in STEM-PBL education may have the propensity to choose science and mathematics courses in their final years of high school.

STEM-PBL is considered as an interdisciplinary education in which students are encouraged to complete some projects with respect to integrating knowledge, experiences, and problem-solving methods in a real world through which they enhance student involvement, engagement, cooperation, and motivation (Shahin & Top, 2015) .

However, the analysis revealed that the removal of one of the items (item 22) may result in a better fit of the questionnaire.

The results also showed that attitude toward STEM-PBL can predict students’ academic achievement using grade point average (GPA).

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The interdisciplinary curriculum of science, technology, engineering, math, and project-based learning (STEM-PBL) has currently received deep contemplation for its diverse benefits.

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