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Thanks Abhishek Hi Guys, I'm looking to download the latest patche cluster, we install them on a monthly basis. Actually I am new to Solaris (I come from Red Hat) and the security department asked me to update the system for security fixes.

I have not seen anything released in the last couple months since January. I logged in to Oracle support and used the recommended patch...

From suport.i could see the last patch bundle was released on 11th july and there has been no updates after that.

I haven’t had much experience with IPS yet, and couldn’t find many good resources out there for sysadmins (as opposed to packagers).

There are some Google references to Sun wikis, but they seem to have been broken by Oracle and/or require a login.

I did find a blog post referring to a comparison between IPS and apt-get commands, but sadly the table he refers to has vanished along with much of the Opensolaris website.

Here’s the IPS to apt-get command comparison table from the Wayback Machine. Roles cannot login directly, so you have to use the user account. I know that RBAC is very powerful and flexible, but it’s also quite rare to see it used to its full potential.

Most of my Solaris boxes are fileservers (or something else very simple) and don’t need all this role malarkey. These are just the things that I fell over in the first few days, but I’m sure there will be more to come.

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# ./installcluster --s10cluster ERROR: Another instance of an install script is already running for target boot environment '/'. Question: Is it possible to apply the Solaris 10 Recommended Patch Cluster to a whole root (non-global) zone locally?

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