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I do not want network-manager to add DNS servers received from DHCP to my /etc/

How we can get the system (glibc/libc) to reload /etc/after we make change to it?I'm still looking at the networking scripts but perhaps serves a different function than I assume it does. This time it deleted the nameserver line (leaving me a blank resolv.conf). I'm fairly confident it's not "someone" (knock on wood) but I would like to know what program keeps doing this. For now, I've resorted to a chattr i to prevent the issue from popping back up. It kept saying generated by Network Manager, but in my case, it was a matter of firstly adding NM_CONTROLLED=no, systemctl disable Network Manager.service and rebooting.So I still need to track down what's changing my in this way which seems to be contrary to what Network Manager should be doing IMO. So I conclude it's not NM anymore (I did verify it's not running). (I also thought it might be a peerdns thing, but not in my case. I have slackware machines setup with static ips and I had to change the file. What command can I run to reload the file without rebooting? Using the 'dig' command the dns host used is shown at the bottom: ;; Query time: 81 msec ;; SERVER: 144.1#53(144.1) ;; WHEN: Tue Jan 09 EST 2018 After I change the and run dig again: ;; Query time: 0 msec ;; SERVER: 144.1#53(144.1) ;; WHEN: Tue Jan 09 EST 2018 ;; MSG SIZE rcvd: 268Changes to do eventually come into effect, but can take a couple of minutes to "stick," IME. By the way, Network Manager, if you are using it, will overwrite changes to I changed nameserver in /etc/but when I connected vpn in my Cent OS, network-manager pushed my previous DNS back into /etc/ dnsmasq: Network Manager will run dnsmasq as a local caching nameserver, using a "split DNS" configuration if you are connected to a VPN, and then update to point to the local nameserver.

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