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For the most part, don't expect jaw-dropping changes or totally new interfaces.Instead, you get new features such as Safari's autoplay blocking, the ability to edit i Phone's Live Photos in Photos, and really fast file copying on SSDs.In response, Apple said the following: "Mac OS is designed to be secure by default, and Gatekeeper warns users against installing unsigned apps, like the one shown in this proof of concept, and prevents them from launching the app without explicit approval.We encourage users to download software only from trusted sources like the Mac App Store, and to pay careful attention to security dialogs that Mac OS presents."Apple did not provide a timeline for a possible fix.Want a more detailed look at what you need to know about High Sierra? There's a lot going on under the hood to lay the groundwork for future enhancements, though much of their benefit doesn't appear at the moment.When it comes down to it, many of them Apple really couldn't put off.

Performance is virtually identical, at least on an up-to-date Mac Book Pro (13-inch).In addition to the aforementioned reasons AFS is necessary, it also theoretically improves performance and security. But despite having over a year to work out the kinks with AFS, Apple rolled out High Sierra with a big caveat: AFS will only work with SSDs for now.You shouldn't use it for HDD SSD Fusion drives and regular HDDs (spinning hard disks). When High Sierra went final, beta testers who had converted non-SSDs to AFS were greeted with a mind-bending list of instructions for banishing AFS from their systems.HDD-supporting AFS is definitely coming, but we don't know when.But it means the systems which need the performance boost the most don't get it yet.

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