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Using either Windows Explorer or the command line on the Media Smart Server, navigate to the working directory and run the Win program. By default, this will save the server’s BIOS into a file named

Next, create a copy of the file and name it (you’ll need this if anything goes wrong with your BIOS edits).

To complete this exercise, you must download two free software tools and two “donor BIOSes” from which necessary ingredients will be extracted to patch the BIOS built into the Media Smart Server.

You’ll want to copy all of these files to a directory on the Media Smart Server—I created a folder on the D: (Data) drive called BIOS-lab where I then worked to complete the BIOS maneuvers needed to update the BIOS.

It checks for updates and automatically downloads and installs them if found based on the user's settings.Table 5 provides information about and links to these downloads.Table 5: BIOS Update Tools and Inputs While there are newer versions of CBrom around (the latest appears to be 2.15), I couldn’t get them to work properly with the EX47* BIOS.Extract the contents of all the ZIP directories into your working directory.Except for M601b_18.zip, you need only to extract the BIOS file itself, M601b_18. This should produce a list of files like the one you see in the next screenshot: Step 2: Run Win Flash on the EX47* Server, Create a BIOS Backup.

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If you follow the instructions to the letter, everything should work just fine.

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