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Cisco may release different version and different feature set IOS image for same platform (hardware), so you may have to upgrade existing IOS to new IOS supporting advanced features and facilities.In this article I would like to cover How to Upgrade Cisco router IOS via TFTP.Following screenshot shows flash content of my production router sitting besides me. Different devices have different hardware architecture and an IOS is supplied for specific hardware may not run on another.From above example we have seen I’m running (by the way my company) IOS ‘c1900-universalk9-mz. c1900 indicates that the IOS compiled for 1900 series router.The first popular command is “show version” to check IOS info.Let me give you a screenshot of my production router running right here.

If Ansible seems overwhelming and you just want a reliable way to automate updating your Cisco (and other vendor) networking hardware then I recommend checking out Solarwinds Network Configuration Manager.

The upgrade process is almost similar to restore process; the only difference is we will stay in configuration mode instead of RMMON, since current IOS is running fine. I will be posting Backup Cisco Router Config (Cisco Running configuration backup) guide in my next article, we will also implement Cisco backup software using auto backup archive command.

Now decide to which IOS version to be upgraded, for this run ‘show flash’ command and note down the IOS image name. Hope this post was informative for you and I would request you to share this article, like our facebook page.

is the file extension of IOS image, it specifies the image is a Binary file.

Let me fly-back through the naming with simple memorable representation, c1900-universalk9-mz. M4is, One more example using feature set notation What a fantastic nomenclature has been done by Cisco!

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