Updating a strategic plan

But, not all parts of the plan need revision on the same schedule.The following schedule reflects the time variations among the elements of the plan, while recognizing that an extraordinary event might require a change in the schedule.However, blindly following a long-term plan can also kill a company that stubbornly insists on following a plan that isn't working. There are no easy rules for this, but the first place to look for clues is in false assumptions.Has the real world proven wrong the assumptions on which your strategy is based?

At these meetings, it will be important to evaluate progress, and to re-visit, as needed, specific objectives or activities that may be more or less difficult to implement.In 2018, the City began implementing a new budgeting method called Priority Based Budgeting.An important step in Priority Based Budgeting is to score the City’s programs and services against the City’s goals identified in the adopted Strategic Plan.Accounting and financial analysis normally works in months since the books close after every month.Make sure you have a monthly review of the difference between planned results and actual results for your sales, profits, balance and cash.

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Staff did outreach to the community in the first half of 2018 to see if the Strategic Plan still reflects the Community’s priorities and values.

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