Updating a recordset

The saved record will display in the list box immediately.

-If you want to change category information, double click any record in the list box, make changing the category information(only category name is changeable) then click Update command button. -If you want to delete any record in a table, double click that record and click Delete command buttons.

The recordset comes over with 4 fields, only one of which is populated. These NULL values are meant to be updated within this function by referencing another table. Database Set db = Current Db Dim s SQL As String s SQL = "SELECT Deals. Creator, NULL As First Name, NULL As Last Name, NULL As Email " & _ "FROM tbl_Deals AS Deals LEFT JOIN tbl_Employee Aliases as Aliases " & _ "ON Deals.

It is when I try to alter a record that I receive the cannot update error. First I tried creating a temporary recordset based off the incoming set, then I tried manipulating the set passed by argument directly.

In previous example, you learned how to add, update and delete records in a table by using SQL INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements.

In this example, you will learn the alternative way to add, update, and delete a record by using Recordset Methods.

- Delete command button is used for deleting the existing records in a table.

The example illustrates a Category Info3 form that has two text boxes(Category ID, Category Name), a list box(lst Data), eight command buttons(Move First, Move Last, Move Next, Save, Update, Delete, and Clear).

See the figure below: - Save command button is used for adding new record to a table.

See the figure below: Note: Unselect Use Control Wizards before you drag these controls to the form.

- Drag and drop two text boxes, one list box and eight command buttons.

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