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In this example, we validate an AMP HTML file by using the amphtml-validator NPM package. The format of the error messages consists of file name, line, column, and message, often followed by a link to the AMP HTML reference.

Some editors, including Emacs, can interpret this format and let you jump to the errors in the original file.

The AMP Validator can be accessed directly from your browser's toolbar using a browser extension.

As you browse, it will automatically validate each AMP page visited and gives a visual indication of the validity of the page as a colored icon.

For a good starting point to make your own AMP page consider minimum_valid_amp.html: The command line tool offers additional features including switching off the color, printing JSON output, or running a specific version of the validator Javascript (by default it runs the latest published script).

The AMP Validator isn’t just a convenience for you during development.

The interface is an interactive editor: changes to the html source result in interactive revalidation.If the AMP validation service detects that there’s something wrong with your page, it won’t get discovered and distributed by third party websites and won’t appear in the Google AMP Cache.So not only would you lose the speed benefits of the cache, it’s likely that your page will not be seen in many places! This way, third parties such as Twitter, Instagram or Google Search can feel great about serving AMP pages to readers in increasingly interesting ways.There are several ways available to validate an AMP document.

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The annotation must be the only * content in the tag, compound expressions are not (currently) supported.

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