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Then it’s on with the girls, who include Niamh from Leixlip, who is not being too picky about what she wants in a man.When Al concludes that “anyone will do her”, she nods vigorously in agreement.TV3 are hoping audiences will fall head over heels for .It’s not going to be the love affair of the century, it possibly won’t even be a fumble down the back of the bus: although things may heat up when we see the returning couples.It probably has done the job tonight though for couples across the land clinging to each other on the couch for dear life, thankful that they don’t have to get back into the dangerous dating waters.TV3 LAUNCHED THEIR new Autumn schedule today, mixing the old faces with the new.

Then there’s Keith from Kildare who wants “an all round normal girl who’s random”, and is the breakout star of the night due to the fact that he’s the lead singer in a Prodigy tribute act.

It has had plenty of highs and lows over that decade and, as it celebrates a milestone anniversary, there have been some good programmes, plenty of bad, lots of sport and bought-in shows as well as journalists and presenters who have gone on to become household names as this A to Z look back shows…

A is for Agenda, the current affairs programme that ran between 19 and was hosted by everyone's favourite floppy haired economist David Mc Williams.

He gives the audience a flavour of his own Keith Flint impression by walking up and down the stage shouting part of the chorus of David from Dublin is a man made up of hair gel and nervous laughter who looks like he’s doing this for a bet and regretting it by the minute.

There is an awkward air to the proceedings from the off, like the start of a stag or a hen night when everyone is shuffling around saying nonsensical phrases out loud to “get the party started” before necking back five West Coast Coolers.

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