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The management knows his name, and he is being groomed (a word repeated enough times to register strongly) for his next rung on the corporate ladder, heading up ad sales at the magazine Sports America, one of the cornerstone publications, newly acquired by Globecom in their latest takeover.

The first reel unfolds a series of blows, some personal, some professional to the two protagonists.

Freudian critics will have a field day with the film, whose first half advocates the killing of the father-patriarch, only to negate it in the second half, and show not only the return and revenge of the father but the reassertion of his modus operandi as a desirable goal.

Carter’s zeal to deliver to upper management doesn’t win him many fans at Sports America.

His bottom-line approach, lacking in the human side, is at odds with the more compassionate Dan and his devotion to his staff.

Carter Dureya (Grace) is exactly half of Dan’s age, 26.

Carter thinks his life and his career are “awesome.” A whiz kid, Carter has devoted himself single-mindedly to getting ahead at the multi-national conglomerate Globecom.

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