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The following tips are for both men and women and they will hopefully spare you some of the failures that I went through.Many online dating articles and products will try to convince you that what you write for your first message is the most important skill you will ever learn. For sure, what you write in your opening message and in your profile will dictate a lot of your success with online dating, but the single biggest factor is how someone responds to your profile picture. While your opening message’s content will determine if someone clicks through to your profile, it’s that little thumbnail image that will determine if they open the message at all.This isn’t a universal rule but take women as an example—the more messages a woman receives each day, the pickier she is going to be.I wanted to dive deep into the trenches and see what would happen if I put up a picture that defines myself more from the inside than the outside.I wanted a photo that depicted how I really feel and act, rather than how I look with some great makeup and a flattering pose.

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