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Victory Conditions - Elizabeth Moon Series: Vatta's War #5Challenges: ROOT, Dice Rating: A very satisfying ending to a great series.

The kind of sci fi I love, with lots of new ideas, and new worlds to explore, and intriguing ideas about how tech and humans will evolve.52. The Shadow Throne - Django Wexler Series: The Shadow Campaigns #2 Challenges: ROOT, Alpha KIT, SFFKIT, Color CATRating: Mysteries and Secrets and Magic, oh my! The magic is there, but not in your face and up front. The characters are quite varied and all of them are fully formed and intriguing.“This whole thing has been a girls-versus-boys war, and you’re seriously suggesting we take the finale on the road to a baseball game? ” Grace discreetly fished out one of the chocolate raspberry truffles that Jake had given her when they’d met in the stairwell that morning. The shared elevator ride and the exchanged greetings were for their spectators. When they met in the stairwell at ten every morning? ” Grace 2.0 shook her head in resignation and went to make herself a drink. Most of her childhood friends had lived in enormous homes with pool houses, and most of her adult friends lived in apartments of under a thousand square feet where in-home washers and dryers were about as common as polar bear sightings. In other words, the Malone house was big, and a little messy, and wonderful. The surprised relief on his face was enough to convince her she wasn’t making a mistake for which her heart would pay an awful price. Chapter Twenty-Two The Malone house in Green Bay, Wisconsin, was charming. Grace wasn’t ashamed to admit that her exposure to residences was limited to old-money mansions and variations of Manhattan tiny. There were shutters and a handmade mailbox, and a fat cat lounged in the middle of the driveway, moving only when Jake honked rudely. The lawn was perfectly groomed, the cheeky “Beware of Tiny Dog” sign was proudly placed, and the flower beds were overgrown and gorgeous.

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