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Those looking for a more modern shopping experience should head over to Kizilay, on Tunali Hilmi Avenue and take a look around the mall of Karum or the Atakule Tower in Cankaya.

A zoological treat The Ataturk Orman Ciftligi Ataturk Farm and Zoo is a pleasant place for visitors to go.

The displays record the evolutionary development of the planet and the establishment is open every day except religious holidays.

There are numerous museums, monuments and shops in the city, and those staying at hotels in Ankara have plenty of choice.The International Cartoon Film Festival could also be a great event for families to head to.A spot of shopping Shopping around the Ankara region can be particularly fun, with the old shops in Cikrikcilar Yokusu near Ulus proving to be popular.Istanbul was the capital of Roman Empire between 330 - 395, the capital of the East Roman Empire between 395 - 12 - 1453, the capital of the Latin Empire between 1204 - 1261 and the capital of the Ottoman Empire between 1453 - 1922.Moreover, between the years 1517, when the caliphate was handed down to the Ottoman Empire, and 1924, when it was abandoned, Istanbul was the center of Sunni Islam.

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