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The pricing of mobile broadband access remains a challenge for the industry.The ever increasing demand for bandwidth jeopardises profitability.

In each Tele2 country having core business offerings, we promote other innovative services, such as the next generation IP Centrex platforms, data centre services and Cloud solutions.

This is expected to change over time as smartphone prices progressively come down.

Simplicity and improved user experience of the smartphone is driving increased adoption and usage of new mobile services.

Tele2 Switch (Tele2 Växel) With an aging switching solution Tele2 Sweden faced an increasing pressure from B2B customers to provide better telephony switching services.

With the help of our customers, we carried out a comprehensive analysis to understand what functionality and use cases customers were looking for when procuring a mobile switching solution.

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In the Swedish market, Tele2 continues to effectively bundle mobile broadband with a fixed phone replacement solution called ‘Hemtelefoni’ (Home telephony via the mobile network).

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