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I’m only requesting that you dedicate that same level of attention and curation for our single members, so they may maximize their unique bandwidth as servants and builders of God’s House.

Singles are often only acknowledged as people who want a relationship but don’t currently have one.

As stated earlier, the view of singleness that pastors have often propagated within the Church neglects its richness and unfortunately degrades it to an undesirable state that we need to actively avoid by seeking out a relationship.

For example, I’ve witnessed pastors specifically inviting singles to church functions because of the possibility of meeting a romantic partner.

I must emphasize that I am a full-time minister with relevant experience as a church leader, though I am still a brother who’s part of the family with a grievance.

I’m writing this letter based on my personal experiences and I’m relying heavily on my observations of onstage practices that I have witnessed as a family member.

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