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As you may have already figured out, there’s more to finding the right partner than just going on a lot of dates.

Our singles relationship and dating coaching programme will help you discover the secrets of attracting the right partner and making a relationship work.“Before I started working with Kyle, my experience of relationships with men was mostly negative and destructive and I felt more and more like I would end up alone because of the barriers I had put up over time.

There are two waysthat our standards for a romantic partner could change: First, we might expect people's standards to change over time, in general.

Will people become more or less picky as they get older?

People's perceptions of what kind of partners are available to them are also likely to have a big impact on standards.

Being friendly and having a pleasant personality might become more important, while looks become less important.

Through the work I have done with Kyle, I am now more confident and self-assured.

I feel that I can fearlessly seek a long-term committed relationship, secure in the knowledge that I have the tools at hand to work through issues that may arise and that I can face and overcome any challenges along the way, where in the past I used to just walk away” We’re so confident that our singles relationship and dating coaching programme will help you find your ideal partner and create a great relationship that we’re willing to guarantee it!

However, one trait stood out as especially unimportant to older singles: The extent to which the partner was approved of by their friends and integrated into their larger social network.

It's also possible that external factors play a role in people's standards as they age.

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The researchers found that for women, both shyness and mate availability mattered.

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