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If the other spouse is refusing to cooperate, or you don't know how to get in touch but don't have sole custody, you might need to go to family court to get the legal documentation necessary to travel.As every case is different, you'll want to talk to a lawyer to determine what steps you need to take.However, if parent and child do not share a last name, many lines do require you to bring your child's passport birth certificate as legal proof that you're related.

Where you might need further documentation is with international flights to reach your cruise embarkation port.

The second and third child in the cabin will pay the extra-passenger fee (which is usually discounted off the regular price).

Most of the major, big-ship cruise lines are family-friendly, and offer drop-off activities for kids ages 3 to 17 -- for free -- in their kids clubs from morning until night.

Therefore, it's always best to take the time to acquire the documentation you might need, even if no one asks, than to skip it and find yourself making frantic last-minute arrangements or having to cancel your trip once you've gotten as far as the airport. If a birth certificate or passport is required, and you do not bring the appropriate I. The biggest concern we see on Cruise Critic's message boards are from parents who need a notarized consent letter for children traveling abroad but their child's other parent is deceased, completely out of the picture and unreachable, unwilling to cooperate or an anonymous sperm donor.

If the child's other parent is deceased, a copy of the birth certificate (showing both parents' name) and a copy of a death certificate should be sufficient.

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