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Having tried nothing and all out of ideas, his parents enrolled him in an experimental ‘spankological protocol’, in which he was spanked continuously for eight months.After this, we are told, he would repress all feelings of anger, only able to express it through his trademark ‘diddly-doodly’ babbling – which surely explains why Homer sees quite so much of it.Like Job, he remained unwilling to turn on the almighty – instead launching a furious tirade against his friends and neighbours (“You ugly, hate-filled man!”/”Hey, I may be ugly and hate-filled, but…um, what was that third thing he said? Realising immediately he had gone too far, Ned then checked himself in at the funny farm.Appropriately enough, this provides Vic’s feet-of-clay moment in the first season finale, when he confesses to jealousy of Frank’s family togetherness on Christmas.The first crack in Ned’s immaculate image came in, appropriately enough, the episode ‘When Flanders Failed’, where Homer wished for Ned’s left-handed store to fail – initially happy to see just that happening, even helping it along, until ultimately realising he’d gone too far when Ned nearly lost his house.Bill Burr’s recent F Is For Family, on the other hand, had an exemplary better-off neighbour in Vic, a perpetually zen dude-type with a plum job on the radio and a string of gorgeous girlfriends.

Still, it is hard to imagine Ned as originally conceived laughing off Homer’s scheme to give his “noggin a floggin’” with a lead pipe and steal his tickets to the big game.Ned is naturally shocked and furious, only to instantly snap back into his usual cheeriness when reminded that it’s Saturday.Still, while in these early days he could be overbearingly religious, this had less of the zealot about it, and more of just being a bit of a square. Bart and pals were quite taken with Ned’s homemade Bible-themed baseball cards – with Nelson being particularly captivated by a Methuselah rookie card – only to beat a hasty retreat when it turned out they involved religion and learning.It’s the kind of deliberately tedious content The Simpsons always excelled at (“let me be blunt – is there a labour crisis in America today?”), centring on the Flanders boys boldly claiming they’re not going to church today.

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