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Hardwick went from changing majors, to hosting an MTV failure, to hosting an MTV success, to finally entering the reality TV pantheon. but I finally talked to the studio who was producing “˜Shipmates’ and I said, “˜Look, I want to do it the way I want to. I think we should kind of make fun of the show because it’s silly,’ and they said “˜Great. Being stuck on a Carnival cruise ship for three days and two nights with someone who may have the personality of a brick, while a camera crew captures every waking moment does seem silly, but silly has always been Hardwick’s forte. My best friend and I put together this medley of ’80s songs, and we ended up winning …But Hardwick is proud of what he has with “Shipmates,” and is eager to show he’s not just another Roger Lodge. I’ve worked a lot in the last seven years, but I’d have to say winning Spring Sing was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done.” Being a UCLA student, Hardwick had to deal with the trial and error of considering a major that would help his future career. And it was.” But Hardwick didn’t always think that way.It also is collaborating on a scripted series with Paranormal Activity producer Jason Blum.Caroline Christopher, formerly director of development for National Geographic Television and among those who helped launch Peacock Productions, has been hired as VP Development and Production.“My work schedule on “˜Shipmates’ is so easy that literally a gorilla could do it …you could just put the gorilla in some skates and a top hat, it would literally be great.“I started in the math department, and then I felt that math was over-structured. if you’ve missed a couple of classes, you can’t catch up.So I thought, “˜Okay, I still want to be able to skip my classes here and there …

TELEVISION: “Shipmates” airs on CBS at 3 and p.m. Click here for a full transcript of the interview with Chris Hardwick.“I had gone to UCLA for four years and a couple of quarters away from graduating, and then somehow hooked up with somebody and auditioned for an MTV show called “˜Trashed.’ We had a writer who’s now a producer for “SNL,” comics like Janeane Garofalo, David Cross and Dana Gould … But when I first got the job, I left school and thought, “˜I’m working for MTV now, everything rocks!’ And then of course no one watched the show and it was cancelled a couple of months later.” Such a crush to the ego left Hardwick pretty jaded about the entire TV experience, so that even at the helm of a gig like “Singled Out,” he was less than enthusiastic.Most of the work is actually done by the camera crews that follow the daters and the editors that cut the episodes. “The producers and editors get together and create story lines …things that didn’t necessarily happen the way that you see it,” Hardwick said. That’s what reality television does; they shoot hundreds of hours of footage and then they have to, you know, no one wants to watch real real life, it’s boring.” “I went to the “˜Real World’ house in Miami. Someone answered the phone, that was the most eventful thing we saw the whole time.

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