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So, I was basically trying to find a new way to be disrespectful because I was a villain at the time, a bad guy.And what’s more disrespectful than messing up the beloved trademark of WWE and turning it upside down.During a recent interview with Hot 94.1, The Miz commented on who he’s learned the most from, and more.You can check out some highlights below: On turning the WWE logo upside down on his mics: “You know, that happened a long time ago.Without further ado, here are 15 photos of Nikki Bella before she started dating John Cena.

Once Nikki and John started to date, the partying days subsided for the both of them.

At the event Seasons Beatings, both twins accompanied a tag team to the ring.

Of course, the event took place in a smaller venue and was nothing compared to the bright lights of the WWE.

Yup, the dude in front of the Bellas is none other than the great Rey Mysterio.

Don’t get any ideas though, the master of the 619 has kept the same relationship throughout his North American wrestling stint.

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