Sex dating in aurelia iowa

She thought for sure that he would leave his wife for her dumb a55.She listened to his stupid sh1t saying that their relationship wasn’t good and hasn’t been he was only wanting sex nothing more.

She sends a mans wife information on her getting him to cheat on her.

What’s funny is that the dumb b1tch never showed up for court to give her depositions so the case was dismissed.

What makes this even a more perfect scenario is the wife and husband are now back together and doing great. But heads up to other woman she don’t give a flying fuk if ur married or not and it’s even better that her father who is an elected sheriff is okay with his daughter fuking around with married men.

My husband and I had a daughter back in June of 2018 August we decided to move from Minnesota to Iowa were he is from. He would come home telling me how she has slept with most of the guys at work how she does meth then one night he had me watch his boys and our daughter he wanted to hang out with friends from work ok go I said he drove to screw her then the next day I’m at work and she comes to my house and screws my husband in my house on my couch with my daughter in front of her and my husband and my stepsons upstairs.

I caught them and packed me and my daughter’s stuff told him to choose he left with her.

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She of course called the cops and pressed charges on his wife which is funny cuz the wife still had access to the house and still had belongings in the house.

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