Scared of online dating

Chances are, unless you’ve obtained some form of courage via confidence or liquid, you won’t initiate a conversation due to a fear of being rejected.

How humiliating to hear, “I’m sorry but I have a girlfriend,” or when you ask for her number, she responds “Why don’t I take yours?

Anonymity Regardless of the pictures we post or the profile we create, online dating provides a shield of anonymity.

This gives us the ability at our fingertips to be a slightly better version of ourselves; revealing our most appealing side.

Constant online messaging and texting can lead into disclosing too much information too soon.

Until the person has shown obvious signs of exclusivity or you’ve had that conversation, it’s safe to assume they’re continuing to find the next best thing.

That’s why it is important to get to know multiple people.

I finally felt like an adult and was trying to figure out this “adult” way of dating.

Between working full time and living alone, where on earth was I supposed to meet Mr.

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