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Nothing is more disappointing than to meet someone and realize that the picture they sent you was 20 years and 40 pounds ago!

By sending a wink, you entice a man to make the first bold move, and while it may sound like a massive over-generalization, plenty of men and women prefer this dynamic to the woman taking the lead.But I’ve noticed that the guys I do wink at don’t even look at my profile to check me out. It’s a one-click expression of interest: you see someone you like, you send them a wink, and immediately they know you’re interested. I will do as little work as humanly possible to express this like, then move on to the next person. ” Yes, they are efficient, but efficient is not the biggest of turn-ons. I never thought about it that way, and if you want to stick to your guns I don’t blame you one bit. No, it’s not that guys don’t like winks, it’s that nobody likes winks.Winks can solve a whole lot of these problems all at once. A man would much rather have you send him a full message than a minimalist wink.A wink allows a woman to quickly and easily tell a man she’s interested in him without having to spend a lot of time and attention trying to craft together a detailed message. But a man also would rather have you send him a wink than nothing at all.

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