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Even if a first date goes well, complications around sober dating can also arise later in the relationship.

“Take this scenario, for instance,” Simonovic says.

Though there’s been plenty of debate about whether it’s better for recovering addicts to date other addicts or just “normies” who don’t have serious addiction issues, the truth is relatively simple.

For anyone who has significant sober time under their belt, their values are likely to be more aligned with someone else like them.

For one thing, after all the flirting, bantering and trust-building that online matches are bound to go through first, the line that typically leads to an in-person date is, “Do you want to grab a drink?

” For the newly sober, it can be tough to navigate that moment without killing the mood—or feeling like a lengthy explanation is necessary.

There’s chemistry, they aren’t unpleasant to look at, but they can’t help but go to bars and clubs on weekends.” Though there’s nothing inherently wrong with this dynamic, Simonovic says, it’s bound to make the newly sober at least a little uncomfortable over time.

Welcome to our sober dating site for people in recovery. We want to help you connect with like-minded single and sober …

Dating sites make it possible to increase the size and scale of one’s search for mates.

“Fast forward a few months,” he says, “and this will probably cause a series of conflicts and disagreements.” Fortunately, there are sober dating sites out there that can take the complexity out of this equation.

Much like any other online dating service, anyone using First Beat Media’s sober dating sites can simply log on, make a profile, fill it out with pictures and relevant details about themselves and start browsing.

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