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The turntable must be lifted straight up and off the motorboard to view some plates.Every dataplate contains both a model identification (stamped on the left) and a serial number (on the right). The model number is shown first, followed by a serial number.So, there was a total of 9 digits in the serial numbers during this period.If you have a serial number that has 9 digits, then your guitar was built during this time.

In some cases, the dataplate may have corroded over the years, and the small stamped serial numbers may be nearly impossible to read.What can your Taylor Guitar serial number tell you about your guitar?Well, it can tell you a few things depending on when the guitar was built.The system has changed a bit over the years so it gets a little bit complicated – but stick with me.There are 4 different serial number systems used for 4 different time periods. So if your guitar’s serial number has 10 digits, then this is the serial number system that your guitar fits under.

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