Rails production log not updating

plus 17 more lines These errors represent lame attempts by hackers to exploit various known vulnerabilities in other applications.They’re generally harmless to your Rails application as long as you pay attention to a few security rules.Left unmodified, the default logging can be a bit surprising the first time you go to look at a production problem.I’ll be describing how to start taming your production logs to make them useful and ready to scale along with you application.I’ll show you how to turn several lines of rambling output per request into one concise line with the essential information that needed to debugging production problems.This will be the basis for adding logging specific to your business logic and future debugging requirements.

This has the additional benefit of allowing you to put your own information on a 404 error page and provide ways to direct users to somewhere useful, like maybe a search of your site.Our next goal is to turn the information logged for a single request into something that is parsable by both humans and computers.For the most part the information you get in a Rails log is centered on a request and what the framework knows about that request at various points in time.Rather than log all information about a particular request on multiple lines it will be much easier for later processing if we have a one line format.For the humans it works best to keep things lined up neatly in columns so that they can be quickly scanned for anomalous entries.

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However, everything seems to be being written to /var/log/apache2/

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