Racial dating preferences

Marron says sexual discrimination is linked to racial stereotypes rather than inherent preferences.

So, I'm a white guy who has had serious relationships with three women in my life: a white woman; then a half-white half-Japanese woman; then a half-white half-Iranian woman.

I hadn't heard the (preposterous, to me) suggestion that having a racial dating preference was racist until a couple of weeks ago so by no means was I dating these women to prove any sort of point.

The half-Iranian woman is the one with whom I am currently romantically involved with.

We actually learn how to define what is attractive from those around us,’ he says.

He then explains Western beauty standards glorify white people.

If you believe you can alter your race-based-preference, why not your sex-based-preference? I don't understand how anyone can think you have any control over who you are attracted to.

CMV if ye can =)Ed: Thanks 'hankteford' for the video link and comment.

I find more attractive), but that you would be open to dating the right person regardless of that, it's probably not racist.

That said, I think that in practice, most racial dating preferences are actually founded in racial stereotypes and racial prejudices."I think it's a square/rectangle thing" - I see what you're driving at and think I agree.

I'd agree that saying "I'll never date 'x' race" probably is racist as you're saying you're totally against the idea of it based on their skin colour.

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