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Note that QLabel is well-suited to display small rich text documents, such as small documents that get their document specific settings (font, text color, link color) from the label's palette and font properties. Reimplements: QWidget::context Menu Event(QContext Menu Event *event). Reimplements: QWidget::focus In Event(QFocus Event *event). Reimplements: QWidget::focus Next Prev Child(bool next). Reimplements: QWidget::focus Out Event(QFocus Event *event). Reimplements: QWidget::height For Width(int w) const. Reimplements: QWidget::key Press Event(QKey Event *event). Reimplements an access function for property: QWidget::minimum Size Hint. Returns the label's picture or nullptr if the label doesn't have a picture. selection Start() returns the index of the first selected character in the label or -1 if no text is selected. The buddy mechanism is only available for QLabels that contain text in which one character is prefixed with an ampersand, '&'. See the QKey Sequence::mnemonic() documentation for details (to display an actual ampersand, use '&&').For large documents, use QText Edit in read-only mode instead. Returns this label's buddy, or nullptr if no buddy is currently set. Reimplements: QWidget::mouse Move Event(QMouse Event *event). Reimplements: QWidget::mouse Press Event(QMouse Event *event). Reimplements: QWidget::mouse Release Event(QMouse Event *event). Returns a pointer to the label's movie, or nullptr if no movie has been set. Note: The text Interaction Flags set on the label need to include either Text Selectable By Mouse or Text Selectable By Keyboard. In a dialog, you might create two data entry widgets and a label for each, and set up the geometry layout so each label is just to the left of its data entry widget (its "buddy"), for example: With the code above, the focus jumps to the Name field when the user presses Alt N, and to the Phone field when the user presses Alt P.This property holds the width of the margin The margin is the distance between the innermost pixel of the frame and the outermost pixel of contents. Note: The text Interaction Flags set on the label need to include either Links Accessible By Mouse or Links Accessible By Keyboard. This property holds the label's pixmap If no pixmap has been set this will return nullptr. When enabled and the label shows a pixmap, it will scale the pixmap to fill the available space. Access functions: This property holds the selected text If there is no selected text this property's value is an empty string.By default, this property contains an empty string. This property holds the label's text If no text has been set this will return an empty string. The text will be interpreted either as plain text or as rich text, depending on the text format setting; see set Text Format(). QLabel will try to auto-detect the format of the text set.For example: In this example, keyboard focus is transferred to the label's buddy (the QLine Edit) when the user presses Alt P.If the buddy was a button (inheriting from QAbstract Button), triggering the mnemonic would emulate a button click. This property holds the label's text indent in pixels If a label displays text, the indent applies to the left edge if alignment() is Qt:: Align Left, to the right edge if alignment() is Qt:: Align Right, to the top edge if alignment() is Qt:: Align Top, and to the bottom edge if alignment() is Qt:: Align Bottom.

For this use QLabel provides a useful mechanism for adding an mnemonic (see QKey Sequence) that will set the keyboard focus to the other widget (called the QLabel's "buddy").

If Qt:: Text Selectable By Keyboard is set then the focus policy is set to Qt:: Click Focus.

The default value is Qt:: Links Accessible By Mouse. Access functions: Constructs a label that displays the text, text.

However, the look of a QLabel can be adjusted and fine-tuned in several ways.

The positioning of the content within the QLabel widget area can be tuned with set Alignment() and set Indent().

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