Pseudocode example for updating x y z coordinates updating host file

A Point is a geometry that represents a single location in coordinate space. This is a simple example: This code declare local variable in Mysql and select data from this variable.

Variable is declared as POINT type, and contain coordinates.

This way we all know, we store the longitude and latitude separately with simple sql query: This is not anything new and interesting.

The possibility that I would like to show is save the coordinates in point form.

In this example, our current XYZ coordinates in the map are: TIP: When using games command such as /clone, /execute, /fill, /setblock, /spawnpoint, /summon and /tp, it is useful to understand how to find your current coordinates and enter a new set of coordinates.

CREATE TABLE `test2` ( `nl_point_id` INT(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `lat` DOUBLE DEFAULT 0, `lng` DOUBLE DEFAULT 0, PRIMARY KEY (`nl_point_id`) ) ENGINE=INNODB; CREATE TABLE `test` ( `nl_point_id` INT(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `gps` POINT DEFAULT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`nl_point_id`) ) ENGINE=INNODB; The first table has a column ready to save the coordinate values separately, the second table will store the coordinates as POINT.

This will bring up the debug screen where you can see your current XYZ coordinates in the game.

In the picture above, we've circled where the coordinates will appear in the debug window.

If we want to calculate the distance, we would have a saved value of the distance from the central point.There were several to choose from, and I ended up picking Cube, Axial, Offset for the grid types, and x/y/z, q/r for the coordinates.For the last few months I've been working on a procedural generator that creates various types of hex grid libraries.I’m also trying to consistently name these functions depending on whether they work on hex (axial or offset) or cube coordinates.I’ve also added implementation notes in various places where there might be something tricky.

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