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there isn't explained that just jumping straight in is more frustrating than it's worth.Once you've put in your time learning how to play though, you'll find some pretty satisfying gameplay with a ton of flexibility and options.Even simple things like the fabric physics of the clothes are awe inspiring and startlingly realistic, but they are nothing compared to the animations of the players themselves.The way they move around the court and interact with each other gives the characters a great sense of physicality and realism.None of the fixes listed above helped – what can I do next?You may be experiencing a less general issue that needs to be fixed in a particular way.In an effort to make the gameplay more realistic, players need to get planted before launching off a shot -- fair enough, but it makes firing off a quick shot on the run extremely difficult at times.There's nothing more frustrating than stopping dead in the middle of a break away while the defensive swarms over you.

There's a ton of stuff here, and hardcore NBA fans will have enough to keep them busy for months. In one of the most frustrating aspects of the whole game, there is an almost complete and utter lack of documentation or tutorials.

If you are downloading content to this Play Station 3 system from your Play Station Network account for the first time, this will usually activate the system.

Make sure that the system is activated on your account by activating it and check that you have not reached the device activation limit before attempting the download.

It's a shame, but hopefully next year 2K will put a little more time into making the game more accessible to beginners.

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