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Your first message is your chance to make a good first impression and stand out from thousands of people on the dating site or app. There is absolutely nothing original in that message.It’s basically the laziest and most meaningless thing you could say.

According to a study of over 167,000 first contact messages, the messages that receive the most responses have a more frequent use of the word “you” and a sporadic use of the word “I.” While giving compliments is usually a great move for a dater, it can come off as a little creepy when coming from a stranger online. According to’s 2017 survey of American singles, 94% of women like receiving compliments on their appearances on a first date.Anyone can deliver a pick-up line in a first message.It doesn’t take a lot of originality to find a list of pickup lines and use one to break the ice.Also, while we’re on the subject, never copy and paste your first message.People can tell, and they won’t appreciate your generic approach to online dating.

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