Pitfalls of dating after divorce

Be realistic with yourself to see if you're ready to make a commitment again and take your time because there is no rush or expiration date.

Dating can mean a new beginning along with a new chapter on rediscovering yourself notwithstanding the challenges, but it merits a chance.

Make sure that you're sensitive to their feelings and to their needs.

You can tell them you're seeing a friend if the children are toddlers.

If fear is becoming an albatross around your neck, you need to get to the origins of it.

Be honest about this because you might not be ready to date.

"With pre-teens and young teens you can broach the topic of dating after the divorce.

It's OK to actually use the word date," Divorce Help for Parents suggested.

Being fast and furious will lead to burnout and people are not always ready to move fast in a relationship.

If you have children talk to them about how they feel about you dating and be reasonable.

Let them know that you’re going on dates and that nothing has changed in your relationship with them.

The key is to slowly blend your lives, wrote divorce coach Debbie Martinez.

"It isn’t about him plopping into your world or you into his; it’s about blending them together.

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It may seem like a natural thing to do, but don't compare your new gal or guy to your former spouse.

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