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It will work as a source too, BUT also as a parametrizable sink (destination). Sinking data needs one more extra parameter, which will store destination table name. Currently, the maximum number of rows, that can be returned by Lookup activity is 5000, and up to 2MB in size.Also max duration for Lookup activity before timeout is one hour. It should look like this: All other things should just be set to defaults.Datasets, on the other hand, points directly to database objects.BUT they can be parametrized, so you can just create ONE dataset and use it passing different parameters to get data from multiple tables within same source database 🙂 Source datasets don’t need any parameters.The Shyp API currently runs on top of the Sails JS framework.It's an extremely popular framework - the project has over 11,000 stars on Github, and it's one of the top 100 most popular projects on the site.

You can read about creating self-hosted IR here:

You can find them in a configuration shown below this section.

Every database is accessible from my Self-hosted Integration Runtime.

Just drop Copy activity to your pipeline, choose a source and sink table, configure some properties and that’s it – done with just a few clicks! All you need is and a few simple tricks 🙂 Also, this will give you the option of creating incremental feeds, so that – at next run – it will transfer only newly added data.

But what if you have dozens or hundreds of tables to copy? Before we start diving into details, let’s demystify some basic Bear in mind, that if your columns are different between source and destination, you will have to provide custom mappings.

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It is a part of built-in expression engine, that simply allows you to just inject any value from JSON object or an expression directly into string input, without any concatenate functions or operators. In Oracle, tables and data were generated from EXMP/DEPT samples delivered with XE version.

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