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For the most part, people tend to find love when and where they’re least expecting it –– until now.Nanaya is a romantic personality test designed to make scientific-based predictions on when, where, and how you’re likely to get your chance at love.ASFWs are great at keeping relationships fresh and capable of going with the flow.Their most successful relationships require special attention to listening skills and direct communication between partners.Although they tend to go with the flow in most situations, ASFTs can be stubborn in how they approach differences in opinion.They aren’t as adventurous as other personality types.

Nanaya’s carefully developed personality test asks questions surrounding you, your social life, and your ideal partner.

Energetic as they are, ASFTs are great at keeping relationships fresh.

However, the same energy that can help relationships thrive long-term can also lead partners to feel stifled.

ASFT types prefer a night in or time at home versus discovering new places or trying new activities.

ASFTs are excitable, confident, accommodating, and enjoy familiar social settings.

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But they do require a bit of handholding and reassurance to push them towards the opportunities they would like to have.

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