Paul from american idol dating nikki

On the red carpet at the 2011 MTV Movie awards, Twilight star Nikki Reed flashed some serious bling when I asked her whether she thinks she and her man Paul Mc Donald will wed. Former American Idol contestants are a dime a dozen.

Neither has officially commented on the engagement rumour yet.

Whatever Mc Donald’s intentions, he’s trying to signify that he’s serious. Reed says her man, who made it to the top 8 of American Idol this season, has been writing a bunch of songs in her honor! “He says he’s going to release a Nikki Reed EP,” she said. I believe she’s really into him, but I have some reservations about him given the story and another article I read about how he was a sourpuss at Reed’s recent birthday party.

The two of them walked the red carpet together at the MTV Movie Awards, where Reed flashed an engagement ring. Online “Looks like that Breaking Dawn wedding isn’t the only prospective Twilight marriage on tap. “He’s the one.” A source confirms that the two are, indeed, engaged. If he is dating her for the fame and perks it’s a smart move.

Who is this ugly guy, and why when I google him am I having to stare at his hideous, hideous white teeth.

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