Syrian forces are targeting individual civilians in Idlib province with drones and fighter jets.Once the last stronghold of anti-government rebels, Idlib is now under the firm control of dictator Bashar Assad.The right-wing populist party Alternative for Germany (Af D) insists that it has nothing to do with neo-Nazis.But its lead candidate in the state of Brandenburg, where voters will cast their ballots on Sunday, has deep extremist roots.Even Turkey, once the rebels' protector, is powerless to help.The crash of two Boeing 737 Max jets in the course of just months has created an existential crisis for the company.

Astonishing gals spread legs to get penetrated wild by their unstoppable fuckers.Prices of various petroleum products have started going up from Monday after the Oil Marketing Companies were directed by the National Petroleum Authority to start applying revised Energy Sector Levies.These days, when talking of the Internet world, most users will use ‘online’ and this denotes the Internet concept.But life as a refugee, even in a familiar culture, isn't always easy.To help end the protests in Hong Kong, the Chinese government is pressuring foreign companies doing business in the country to toe the official position.

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Europe's largest economy needs to finally accept that it's too big and important to simply sit on the sidelines.

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